Glenn A. Bruce, MFA
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Glenn A. Bruce has an MFA in Writing and was associate editor for The Lindenwood Review. He wrote the
screenplays for
Kickboxer, Cyborg Cop, and Victor One: Undercover Cop, as well as episodes of Walker: Texas
Ranger, Baywatch
, and Assaulted Nuts, and is an award-winning industrial video writer-director. His short stories
and poetry has a
ppeared internationally in publications including Brilliant Flash Fiction, Shotgun Honey, Blue Crow
print anthology), RedFez, Defenestrationism, Alfie Dog, KY Stories (print collection), Loud Zoo (Bedlam
, Flights (Sinclair College Print Journal), The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, Green Silk Journal and
many others. He was a
twice-finalist in the Defenestrationism short story contest and won Also That's "Down &
Dirty" Short story Competition. His articles and essays have appeared in
The Good Men Project, Heart &
, Beat Poets of the Forever Generation, Carolina Mountain Life, and the Earthen Lamp Journal, among
. He has published eight novels and two short story collections and written four one-act plays. New works
include two short story collections and four novels:
The Tour, Last Blast, The Pull, and Chad.

You can find links to some of his short stories and other works here.

Glenn taught Screenwriting, Acting for the Camera, and Video Production at Appalachian State University for 12.5
years. Previously, he was Artist in Residence at Palm Beach School of Arts
, and video director for eight years at
the Creative Actors Workshop in Burbank, California. He has judged film festivals, art shows, and short story
including Brilliant Flash Fiction's annual contest and Defenstrationism's Bi-Annual contests 2016-thru-the
present. He has spoken at many writers' conferences and always enjoys it! Call now!

Glenn's books are available through, Barnes &,, many other sites,
and at some damn bookstores somewhere - if they're still open and standing

He is currently seeking another damned agent.
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Richie Makepeace flees to South America after being framed
for a double-murder in Miami. After settling on La Vaca, a
classic tiny town on the edge of the Colombian jungle, he
meets Vicki Freeman, a top fashion model with a thing for
"bad boys." While Richie fights falling for her, she and her rich
boyfriend devise a wild "adventurous" plan that will rely on
Richie helping them, something he does NOT want to do. But
with cash running out, he concedes and sets up what will
result in chaos, backstabbing, and bloodshed. The rules of
the jungle will prevail and those unprepared will pay the
highest price.
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