"All Most Together Now" is Glenn's first collection of short stories which have been well-received by his fans. Starting with a very young
girl who is endlessly sad because of a drought and ending with a very old man who longs to be on the water, these stories venture into
the happy and sad, the light and dark, the funny and the grim - all with a healthy does of humanity.

Glenn has a way of telling a story that sucks the reader into the lives of characters who seem improbably impossible to like or
understand, but end up becoming close literary friends. Their troubles become our troubles, their triumphs our own personal glories.
Along the way, we laugh with (and at) them, feel for them (or those around them), and finally come to understand them (even if we still
don't really like them!).

"Glenn is the master of straightforward stories about the laughable darkness within our souls. He reaches out with a sharp knife and
cleverly dissects the desires and demons of his characters. His people are real even if they live in unreal circumstances, pushed to
their limits by life, either succeeding or succumbing. Either way, we feel what they feel."

This first collection of short stories is both powerful and provocative, while still allowing for gentle moments of forgotten trust or wistful
longing interspersed with laugh out loud moments of human failures and understanding. In Glenn's hands, even great achievements
become hollow without underlying meaning, and terrific tragedies reveal their comic truths.

As one fan put: "Great bathroom reading!" Or, Glenn would add: bed, porch, beach, mountain top. Just read.
The first collection
Citriana - she's only six, but she knows the earth needs water to survive - even in 1956.

The House on the Corner - what could possibly go wrong does - year after year.

Colossal Woes - their days are over, these Goliaths; puny men will someday rule their world.

Champion Parker - just a janitor, until he breaks his back and falls for a coed - figuratively.

Danny with a D - he can't speak a word, but his family loves him anyway.

The Twins Face Down Death - they can't understand why no one else is able to accept that their Mommy is gone.

Turning Point - this younger girl he brought home is too hot! Now, he can see that.

Sarah’s Big Move - she came to Hollywood with stars in her eyes - and a growing pain in her ass.

A Fair Race - Ricky the Rocket is going to win this race tonight, but not unless he can love his wife some more.

Spo’t of Tea - How much is it? Does it matter?
Uv corss it bleedin' does, ya twat!

The Bad Hitch - all she remembered was storming the house in Afghanistan, almost going blind, then taking the blame. But why?

Danny with a D – Part II - Danny constructs a dream and defends it - with a word.

Slipknot - maybe not the lyingest, most corrupt politician ever, but close to it - as St. Peter tells him so succinctly.

Familiar - every day the same impersonal grind at the Big Box Store - until a stranger cruises the aisles with an agenda.

You Just Never Know - if a dream can come true before you die, is it still a dream?