Do you love America?  Are you upset by what America has become?  Then you need to read:
The Practical Guide to Becoming a Good American (Again)
Are you and sick and tired of seeing what politicians and other "leaders' in America are doing to this country, to you, to all of US?  If you aren't,
you should be!  Their behavior is inexcusable and we need to end their reign of disabling "power" over us by changing the way we think in
America.  We need to examine what we need and what they are offering; and if these two concepts do not match, we need to get rid of the old
and bring in the new.

We pay their salaries; they work for US.  Yet they act like we are a bunch of know-nothing peons who just need to shut up and let them do their
business - their business which entails taking every last dime of spare change and ounce of pride we have left as Americans.

It's time to stop this cycle of ignorance - OUR ignorance of what they are really doing, and THEIR treating us like we ARE ignorant.  We are NOT.  
We are proud but humble, honest, hard-working American citizens who want and deserve our part of the American Dream - not just the crumbs
after the wealthy "leaders" have taken whatever they want and thrown us the leftovers.  We deserve the best the same as they do, and we
should all be sharing in it - not just watching from the sidelines as OUR TEAM goes down in flames, a tragic loss of everything we hold dear and

We are past the point of partisan bickering.  We need results.  We elect these people to go to Washington, to our state houses, our town
councils to do OUR work, to represent us, our needs and wants, and do the very best job they can to achieve those simple, honest American
goals for us.  If we are shareholders, we elect CEOs to run the companies we invest in to be responsible corporate citizens of America - not
China, Indonesia or Mexico.

We want our jobs back, we need our homes back, we must have our FAMILIES back together - our American families.  We do not need to be
fighting each other in the streets.  We do not need to be standing on street corners yelling at each other; we need to be yelling at our leaders.  
We don't need to be pitting our police against us.  We do not need to be cutting services to our returning service men and women; we need to
be providing everything they need to feel good and be productive, happy citizens back here in the land they fought for and love!

We need to be banding together on the web and in print, in our hearts, to take back CONTROL of our country.  We don't need to "take back our
country" - it's already ours.  We own it!  America belongs to each and every one of us taxpaying, honest American citizens.  The people we
elect WORK FOR US.  Yet they behave as if we are supposed to be working for THEM.  This is not acceptable.

Look for "Anthem:  The Practical Guide to Being a Good American" and download it.  Tell your friends and "enemies" to download it.  Tell
everyone you meet anywhere any time to download it.  And read it.  And talk and spread the word.  America is for ALL of us, not some of us.  
We are a good people, the "greatest nation on earth" as we have heard for 235 years.  So what happened?

You will want to be a good American - again.  And you will finally feel empowered to do something about it.  We all need to - before it truly is too