Richie Makepeace flees to South America after being framed
for a double-murder in Miami. After settling on La Vaca, a
classic tiny town on the edge of the Colombian jungle, he
meets Vicki Freeman, a top fashion model with a thing for "bad
boys." While Richie fights falling for her, she and her rich
boyfriend devise a wild "adventurous" plan that will rely on
Richie helping them, something he does NOT want to do. But
with cash running out, he concedes and sets up what will result
in chaos, backstabbing, and bloodshed. The rules of the jungle
will prevail and those unprepared will pay the highest price.
"I think this one is your best yet!"
Bruce Karcher, old fan

"I could not stop reading it. How do you
come up with this shit?"

Bill Marr, new fan

"It never stops! Just get going and
going and getting more intense with
every page. I read it in one weekend.
Good job!"

Jorge Rios, beta reader
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