Links to some of my published short stories and other work

Also That - First Prize in their "Quick & Dirty" contest for - "Clive Dials Up"

Red Fez - "The House on the Corner"

Brilliant Flash Fiction (Anniversary Edition) “Eponymous Ignominy”

Brilliant Flash Fiction (Judge) -  Final Judge on Flash Contest

Loud Zoo (Bedlam Publishing)"What Did We Know?"(Page 11)

Beat Poets of the Forever Generation“A Life in Beat Poetics” (article)

Earthen Lamp Journal - Two Can't Live as Neatly as One

Alfie Dog“A Fair Race” and “Colossal Woes”

Flights Magazine (Poetry) – “The Slow Walk” & “Walking the Old Tracks”

Blue Crow Magazine (Lulu - Paid) - "Familiar"

Lost Coast Review (Coming in 2016) – “C-Rations”

Shotgun Honey“A Timely Heist”

Litchfield Literary Review“You Just Never Know”

Defenesterationism - "The Blood is Where"

The Green Silk Journal“Ritualized Continuum”

Carolina Mountain Life"The Lumbermen of Shulls Mill" - Page 50

More to come as they are published!
GB with good friend Artie