Links to some of my published short stories and other works

Short Stories

Outsiders Within - "A Well-Drawn Character"

Hunger: The Best of Brilliant Flash Fiction, 2014-2019 - "Eponymous Ignominy"

The Rabbit Hole: Weird Stories Volume Two - "All the Cards"

Switchblade Volume One Book 9 - "Bobby Eggs and Grady"

Backchannels - "The Physics of Shoe"

Capsule Stories Autumn 2019 Edition - "Comes the Sleep"

Rune Bear Magazine - "Flash of It"

Black Dog Review - "Careful Planing"

Also That - "Quick & Dirty" contest for - "Clive Dials Up" (Contest Winner)

Defenestrationism - "By the RIver" (Finalist)

Open Thought Vortex - "Fear and Ice"

Heart & Humanity (Poetry) - "Where Once"  

Red Fez - "The House on the Corner"

Road Story (print anthology) - "Family Time"

Brilliant Flash Fiction (Anniversary Edition) “Eponymous Ignominy”

Loud Zoo (Bedlam Publishing)"What Did We Know?"(Page 11)

Alfie Dog“A Fair Race” and “Colossal Woes”

Blue Crow Magazine (Lulu - Paid) - "Familiar"

Shotgun Honey“A Timely Heist”

Litchfield Literary Review“You Just Never Know”

Defenesterationism - "The Blood is Where" (Finalist)

The Green Silk Journal“Ritualized Continuum”

The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society - "Friends (Who) Don't Let Other Friends
Think and Strive"

Intrinsick Magazine - "Foremost in His Mind"

Intrinsick Magazine "Sixers" - "She was right."

50-Word Stories - "Under the Old House"

Oval Magazine (Print edition) - "Grey Dreams"

Carolina Mountain Life"The Lumbermen of Shulls Mill" - Page 50

Essays and Articles

Unsustainable Magazine - "Why I Shoot Windows"

Open Thought Vortex - "Existence in Metals: A History"

Heart & Humanity - “Cross-Country Seeking: Road Trips Can Test a
Friendship—and Bring Family Closer"

The Relationship Blogger - "Dating After Fifty - in Eight Steps"

The Mojo Manual (included in print book) - "The Break"

The Good Men Project - "Dating While Old"

Beat Poets of the Forever Generation“A Life in Beat Poetics”

Heart & Humanity - "School and I Never Got Along"

Oval Magazine (print edition) - "Establishing a Theme"

Earthen Lamp Journal - "Two Can't Live as Neatly as One"

Remington Review - Two original photographs


1947 Journal - "Gut-Punched Brain"

Heart & Humanity - "Where Once"

Flights Magazine (Sinclair College print edition) - “Walking the Old Tracks

Flights Magazine (Sinclair Colleg print editione) -The Slow Walk”

Pure Slush (print edition) - "Nines and Nineties"

Lost Coast Review – “C-Rations”

More to come as they are published!
GB with good friend Artie Choak