Rest Along the Way is Glenn's second collection of short stories in which he further explores the vicissitudes of being
human. Many of the same themes return from
All Most Together Now, his first short story collection; but this time
around the characters and stories a shade darker and "a tad more pointed," as he puts it.

And all with a sense of humor that filters in and out of the material like a needle through gauze - never tearing the
fabric of the piece, but rather wafting through it like a wanted guest, a cool breeze on a scorcher.

True love, impulse buying, feckless murder, and lusting after that perfect dream house come together in stories about
realizing one's city dreams have run out of purpose, to a happy masturbation day in the country, to a truce between a
black urban dealer and a hillbilly weed grower, to a child peddling religion in a bowling alley.

As a kind reader said of Glenn's work: "It's amazing that no matter how dark and grisly it gets on occasion, I always
felt a sense of humanity in your work."

To which Glenn said: "I have never received a better, kinder compliment."

Rest Along the Way, Glenn explores the problems of faith, compromise, prejudice, loneliness, television, suicide,
and mowing the grass. Every story has something about the human condition with a laugh or two and a clear
A Collection of Ideas
The Storyteller - a man stops talking when he thinks his wife has tired of his stories - but she has other plans.

Elenna Montvi - a woman lifts herself from obscurity to wealth and travel - only to find, though satisfying, it is has its drawbacks.

Odell and Ordell - can a dealer trust a supplier? Not if one comes from Delray Beach, FL, and the other from Podunk. Especially if they're armed.

Macy’s Day - visiting a favorite uncle reveals more about Macy than even she knew about herself - and he's almost 100 years old.

Winning is Everything! - even if it
costs you everything.

A Name Says It All - two guys and a wild gal individually discover eponymous meaning.
    Carl’s Change
    Travels to America

What Shelly Wanted - and it wasn't what she had; though to be fair, she had no idea what it was. Until she did.

Mo and Big Blackie - a wimp can make a difference if he encounters true evil.

Mike Goes Bowling - where gutter balls are a blessing; anything being better than Bible talk in a bowling alley.

Proud - a simple letter to white people.

Deal With It - everything gets to Billy - except an answer. Those things are elusive as hell.

A Dog’s Life - Old Man and His Faithful Pet: who will out-live whom?

Michael Borley’s TV Problem - all the news is bad; so move to an island and live alone. People will leave you alone. Right?

Larry the Mover - Larry loves to ride his tractor and mow fields to perfection; but there's always room for thought and improvement.

Allison Meets Her Maker - after every 12-step program in the city, Allison sets out to find God with Stan. Who will dump her first?

The Dream House - be careful what you wish for; you might get it - and love it.

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In his first collection of short stories, Glenn A. Bruce proves his love of language
and complex characters. Rest Along The Way is full of life. Some stories are
funny, some tragic; some speak of desperation, some of triumph. Often the lines
are blurred.

In a refreshing take on the form, Mr. Bruce does not write solely for the purpose
of irony. The stories are not without it, but don't rely on it. He is more concerned
with the real people who populate his stories of everyday whimsy and loss, God
and godlessness, love and hate. Diversity is the name of his game, and
enjoyment is found on every page. He obviously loves what he does, is careful
with his crafting, and tells the tales he wants to share.

Rest Along The Way is a small marvel of fine storytelling. Glenn A. Bruce has a
way of making the mundane intriguing, and the fantastic just the stuff of
someone's every day. You will find a lot to like in these pages: socialites and
hillbillies, drug takers and dealers, home owners and home wreckers - dogs,
nudists, happy murderers and proselytizing children - they're all here!