Temptation Key is set in 1966 in the upper Florida Keys. It is a comic story of learning and leaving
behind, which follows the exploits of a group of Conch kids as they learn about life and leave
behind their childhoods. It is both funny and scary as two of the boys - 18-year-old Robbie and
his best young friend 14-year-old Buddy - go on the adventure of their lives. Life in the Florida
Keys in 1966 was hard, the men and women who prevailed were tough, and their kids were the
product of a sparse, sea-oriented life. Temptation Key captures a time and a place as unique to
the American experience as you will find. It is hilarious, exciting and satisfying, everything a good
story should be.

"Great characters. 'Malcolm and Buddy are a hoot!"
"The rich kids are bad guys in the way I remember. Robbie
and Buddy are like every kid I grew up with."
"A great adventure!"
"Hilarious dialogue, fantastic characters."
"Lots of humor, mixed with plenty of action."
"What I remember growing up was like. Painfully funny!"
"The Florida Keys and Miami settings feel perfect for the
"Wonderfully real. It took me back."
What Readers are Saying

Glenn spent a great deal of time in the Upper Florida Keys in the  mid-to-late Sixties (as well as
Miami) and has a great ear for the talk of the times. As he says, "I halfway grew up there." He knew
many of these (fictional) characters "personally" and captures the feel and tone of a long-gone breed
of  pioneer/pirates as tough and entertaining as the day is long. Their days
were long, dealing with the
sea and its occasional cruelties which everyone wanted to escape - until they saw the alternatives to
the much-dreaded North - that being the big city of Miami.
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