The tale of a seemingly average family man whose dark past comes back to
threaten everything he loves—on page 4—and races out of control. His wife
never knew that her own murky past was inexorably tangled in his. Now they
must face it together or lose it all—including their daughter. A time-shifting
tale of murder and suspense with death always so close.

The Man is a tense, dark non-linear roller coaster ride from thriller writer Glenn A. Bruce. The complex story of a family man whose past will
certainly destroy everything he loves - and everyone he loves with it. A time-twisted excursion into his former ways as his present unfolds at a
frightening pace. His world is completely spinning out of control and he can do nothing to stop it - unless he returns to The Man he was.

The Wife can't possibly understand why their Daughter is missing, or how her own dark past is the key piece in this unsettling puzzle that
becomes their lives. In The End, there are really no choices but one. The question is: Who will make that final decision? Will it be The Man, his
Wife, the Don, the Son, the Detective - or others who cruelly hold their fate in fickle, vengeful hands

Originally written as a screenplay, "The Man" was optioned several times, was Glenn's main go-to sample, and got very close to production with
Andy Garcia agreeing to play The Man.

What people are saying about "The Man."

"Very quick read. I'd been struggling with another book all summer and read this one in three nights." - Bruce Karcher, entrepreneur

"I LOVED this story. It's complicated, full of twists and turns, and has a terrific ending. Very tense!" - Yoram Katz, producer

"This was your best screenplay ever (now a novel)." Max Wong, producer

"Like all of your stuff, it's very visual and reads like a great movie." Derek Davidson, playwright

"Very cinematic, as usual!" Burt Huete, producer
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