Ed and Evie Maples have four grown children: Janette, 28, who left Ohio the day she graduated and
moved to Oregon; Toby, 25, who stayed, married “a terrific gal” named Margie, got a job in a mobile
home factory; Darcy, 22, went to community college “to become a fireman”, is married and has a 3-year-
old; Jonnie, just 19, now The Wild One with the blue-haired girlfriend. All gather one Friday at the Old
Home Place for a family funeral only to discover that their father has changed—since Wednesday. To their
shock and horror, he has become “nice.” Even Evie can’t explain it. Over the course of four days, Janette
takes us on a hilarious trip down Maples Memory Lane to try and understand just what the hell has gotten
into him. Along the way, greater mysteries are unearthed—some, literally—amidst the tragedies of life and
a wildly dysfunctional extended family of crazy cousins and grandparents. The Maples is a comic delight
told through the eyes of the family’s perennial misfit who has some of her own mysteries to solve.
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 Comments and Reviews

"A fast, fun read. Just like all of Glenn's book! A pleasure!"

"Hilarious with enough surprises to satisfy a mystery reader."

"Great characters, as usual. Especially Janette the narrator. So

"Mr. Bruce is an exceptional author, I look forward to reading
his next work! "