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Les Moore, special serial killer
task force leader whose wife
and daughter were murdered
by the notoriously grisly
Riverbend Killer, returns from
a self-imposed 3-year "hiatus"
to pick up where he left off.
Detective and family man
Mark Young who seems to be
losing his mind - as the bodies
pile up around him
. Who is
the killer? Could it be Mark
himself? Will he solve it before
he dies - or kills himself?
Average family man whose  
past comes back to threaten
everything he lovel. His wife
never knew that her own
murky past was inexorably
tangled in his. Now they must
face it together or lose it al
Taut thriller set in the dark
world of
 Miami's drug,
death and money merchants.
Christian Malle is 29. His
drug-dealing father
disappeared 15 years ago
and left him a fortune
. Why?
Hilarious and poignant tale of
two Conch kids - 18-year-old
Robbie and his best young
friend 14-year-old Buddy - on
the adventure of their live
s in
1966 Florida Key Largo and
the "big city" of Miami.
The Maples family gathers at
the Old Home Place for a
funeral to discover that their
father has changed
, and
many family mysteries are
about to be revealed whether
they are ready for it or not.
Framed for murder, Richie
Makepeace flees to South
America where he meets
fashion model Vicki Freeman
who has bigger, more
dangerous plans for him than
passion under the palms.
Danny Olaf is the last man on
earth thanks to his Jr. High
nemesis Arthur Mencken who
killed every man, woman, &
child on the planet via his
TURDD machine that kills all
hope and faith in man & God
Mysterious mixed-race
Johnny and his Asian
American pretend g.f. set up
an elaborate scheme to seek
revenge on a vicious conman
while liberating him of
millions in stolen jewels.